Cell Phone Rentals

cellphonesMost non-Japanese cell phones will not work in Japan. If you need to stay connected during your trip to Japan, you might consider renting a Japanese cell phone. Samurai Tours has negotiated a special discount with MyJapanPhone, giving all our clients a discounted price when renting either a standard cell phone or a Blackberry from MyJapanPhone. The cell phones can be delivered to your home prior to your departure, or to the ryokan in Japan prior to your arrival. All their phones have English menus, voicemail, SMS text messaging, camera, email capability, a local pre-assigned telephone number, and coverage all over Japan.

DISCOUNT OFFER: Enter our coupon code SAMURAI when you place your order and you will receive the first week’s rental for FREE and no activation fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are rental rates and air times costs?
Visit the MyJapanPhone website for rates on standard cell phone rental and Blackberry rental.
How do I order a cell phone from MyJapanPhone?
You can easily order your cell phone via fax, at 732-412-4040 (download the fax order form here), over the phone at 1-800-553-9057 in the US, or at 0066-33-800658 in Japan. You can also order online at the MyJapanPhone website.
How will I receive my rented cell phone?
Your rental phone can be delivered either to your address in the United States, or to the ryokan in Japan.
Will I receive my pre-assigned cell phone number before leaving for Japan?
Yes, you will receive the phone number via email five days prior to your departure.
How do I return the phone at the end of the trip?
You can easily return the phone with a prepaid envelope while still in Japan, or you can mail it to the MyJapanPhone US office after you return home.
How can I make phone calls? How can my colleagues or family call me while I’m in Japan?
When making calls, please follow these dialing instructions:
From Japan to US: Access code-1-Area Code-Phone number
From Japan to International: Access code-Country Code-Area Code-Phone number
Domestic Calls in Japan: Directly Dial
From US to Your Cell Phone: 011-81-Your cell phone (Omit the initial “0″)
From overseas to Your Cell Phone: +81- Your cell phone (Omit the initial “0″)
How do I pay for my cell phone rental?
You can easily pay by credit card after reviewing your bill.
What happens if the cell phone I receive doesn’t work?
MyJapanPhone examines every cell phone before sending it out. However, if your cell phone does not work, please contact them as soon as possible, and they will send another cell phone to you.
Our VIP Contact at MyJapanPhone is Zoe, VIP Account manager. She can be reached at service@myjapanphone.com, or by phone at 1-800-553-9057 in the US, or in Japan, toll-free at 0066-33-800-658. Their fax number is 732-412-4040.