Meet Our Staff


Kenichi “Ken” Adachi

Kyoto, Nara and Osaka Guide Specialist from Osaka, Japan

Hello!  I’m Ken, your guide in Kansai area of Japan (Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto). I have been working for Samurai Tours for three years now.Since I was a little child, my hobby has always been planning trips, sightseeing, and finding my way around just like the locals.

Now that I have become a tour guide, I would like our guests to see and experience Japan through the eyes of the locals. This includes taking local trains, walking through local alleys, and trying out local food from the street vendors, for instance . With Samurai Tours, you can experience all that and a lot more with our friendly local guides who know the best! As well as escorted tours, I also lead our brand-new evening tour of Osaka, which is full of fun!

I look forward to meeting you and showing you the very best of Japan in the near future.


Corina Byram

FIT Tour Specialist from Colorado Springs, Colorado

I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, and feel so blessed to still live and work in such a beautiful place. My degree in Cultural Anthropology opened up a door of passion and love for traveling and culture, and has inspired me to explore different corners of our incredible world. I started working for Samurai Tours after returning from working for a non-profit in Nicaragua, and it has been such a joy to assist others in creating a unique cultural experience that they will never forget. So sit back and let us handle the details that will make your dream vacation to Japan come alive!


stephanie-mieraStephanie Cooke

Escorted Tour Manager from Aurora, Colorado

I was born and raised in Colorado and have only spent three years living elsewhere. I love everything about Colorado, but especially the majestic view from my backyard. My daughter keeps me on my toes constantly, which is one of the many reasons I love being a mom.
Everything I learn about Japan and Japanese culture intrigues me. I am eager to learn more as I assist in preparing escorted and group tours and planning your dream vacation.

Sarah Giannini

Customer Service Representative from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Although I recently moved to Colorado, I feel like it has always been my home. I completed my degree in Art Education at Northern Illinois University and I was able to take on a special student teaching project in Australia. I fell in love with connecting people across the globe in order to collaborate and learn about each others’ distinctive viewpoints.

Japan is truly a unique place to visit. It is a country that has been able to preserve their ancient traditions while also incorporating modern culture. Traveling to Japan can be overwhelming. I understand! Our team is here to make sure your trip is tailored to your needs as well as providing you with peace of mind during your travels. I am excited to help you discover Japan.


Martin Graham

Escorted Tour/Group Tour Specialist from Delran, New Jersey

I grew up on Japanese pop culture: Godzilla, Ultraman, Samurai films and I always wanted to visit Japan. When I visited Japan with Samurai Tours for the first time back in 2007, I fell in love with the country and the culture and I knew then that I wanted to work with Japan and one day possibly live there. For now, I still live in New Jersey with my Akita and take Japanese language classes on the weekends. Having been on five tours with Samurai Tours, I have traveled Japan extensively. I hope to use my experience and knowledge of Japan to help you coordinate your Japanese adventure.


 Hideki “Charlie” Inoue

Tokyo, Nikko, Kamakura and Hakone Guide Specialist from Chiba, Japan

I was born in Tokyo, and I have been working as a guide for 5 years. I have been working for Samurai Tours since 2009. People call me Charlie because, according to my wife, I look like Charlie Brown, the owner of Snoopy (the Peanuts cartoon in US). She says this because both of us are bald, and we both have a bit of a belly. I really enjoy working as a guide for Samurai Tours, and hope to meet as many clients as I can from the world to explore Japan together. I also enjoy teaching English to Japanese people.


Kaori Kodama

Koya-san and Shikoku Guide Specialist from Wakayama, Japan

I live very close to Koyasan, but I didn’t really know anything about Koyasan until I had a chance to join a guided tour in Japanese over 15 years ago. At the same time, I saw many foreign tourists who could not find their way, and didn’t know where to go or what to do. Koyasan is very different from other tourist spots around Japan, and you must understand the old traditions that not even many Japanese understand. I wanted to become a guide to introduce Koyasan to foreign tourists and help them enjoy Koyasan as much as possible.

I have been guiding now for over 15 years, but I never tire of it. I get to meet so many people from so many different places around the world. Since I love meeting people, I am sure this is my lifetime job given to me by Kobo Daishi. (You should come to Koyasan to find out who Kobo Daishi is.) Everyone is always good natured, so it is easy for me to enjoy guiding. One time, though, it was snowing heavily and whenever we would stop for me to explain, we would become like snowmen! I have two sons, both currently enrolled in college.



Michelle Medrano

Customer Service Representative from Elizabeth, Colorado

I moved to Colorado from Texas four years ago. Colorado has inspired me to engage in the fiber arts and enjoy the great outdoors with my family.

It has been intriguing to learn about Japan and its culture while preparing  our clients to travel to their destination. My goal is to assist you in arranging  your fascinating trip to Japan. I hope to make this a pleasurable adventure!


Marshall Moore

Office Manager from Aurora, Colorado

I have always appreciated the Japanese culture and took a few Japanese language classes in high school. My wife and I were able to take one of our Best of Japan tours back in 2012 and have learned so much and grown more in our appreciation for Japan. We want to help your dream vacation to Japan go as seamless and smooth as possible, so please let us know any special requests you may have for your tour, and together, we will make this an amazing experience.


Etsuko Ogikubo

Tokyo Meeting Staff Supervisor/Quality Control/Tokyo Guide Specialist from Tokyo, Japan

I have been studying tea ceremony for more than 20 years. Even though Japan has a long history and unique culture, my studies have given me a much better knowledge and understanding of the Japanese culture. I am happy to meet people from all over the work and exploring our culture together. For enjoyment and relaxation, I like drawing manga (cartoons). I am looking forward to meeting you in Tokyo.


Takako “Tammy” Ota

Tour Coordinator and Kyoto, Nara and Osaka Guide Specialist from Kyoto, Japan

I have been working for Samurai tours since 2004. I was born and raised in Osaka and I now live in Kyoto. I would like clients to experience reasonable but delicious Osaka foods and aristocratic Kyoto culture during their stay in Osaka and Kyoto.

When I was a college student, I visited the U.S. and found it interesting to meet with people from other cultures and decided to become an interpreter guide. When I take clients around, I enjoy talking with them and hearing their comments about their own county and culture.
It makes me feel good when I see clients’ happy smile when they leave Japan and hear them say ‘It was the best tour we had experienced!’.


Mike Roberts

Owner/Founder from Kyoto, Japan and Castle Rock, Colorado

Since starting the company in October 2003, I have personally led close to 100 tour groups to all corners of Japan. I have lived in Japan and have owned a business in Japan for so long now that I feel this gives me a special insight into the Japanese people and culture. When I started Samurai Tours, my goal was to break down as many barriers to the Japanese culture as possible to allow people to experience and enjoy Japan to its fullest. And in retrospect, I feel we have been able to do this.

Over the years, as the company has grown, I have had the good fortune of finding the wonderful people you see on this web page and the many more you don’t see. While these people all have their own unique personalities and styles, there is one common thing they all share and have in common. They all share a committment to make your Japan visit the best possible. Let us show you our side of Japan!


Anna Summers

FIT Tour Manager from Colorado Springs, Colorado

After spending a few years moving around and traveling, my husband and I settled in beautiful Colorado. We love living and working here, but one of our passions is travel. Working for Samurai Tours allows me to dream of traveling all day, while being settled in a state we love. The Japanese culture has inspired me in many ways and I know it will inspire you as well! I am excited to assist in making your dream vacation a reality!


Mitsuko Sunada

Takayama, Kanazawa and Japan Alps Guide Specialist from Takayama, Japan

I was born in Takayama, and have lived here for most of my life. After graduating from college, I did move to Tokyo. I worked in offices in Tokyo for a short time, I began to appreciate how cozy and beautiful my home town was. After returning to Takayama, I got my guiding license. I have been guiding for Samurai Tour for four or five years now, and I am waiting to show you my home town.