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Magome to Tsumago Trail Add-On

Recommend Length: 3 Days / 2 Nights Best Access: Kyoto, Osaka
Magome to Tsumago Trail Add-On

The trail between Magome and Tsumago is a well-maintained section of the former Nakasendo, the route that ran along the Kiso Valley and connected Tokyo with Kyoto during the Edo Period. The trail is relatively gentle and is well marked in English and Japanese. It is about 8 kilometers long and takes around 2-3 hours to walk at a leisurely pace. You will start your optional self guided tour with a Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka to Nagoya and then an express train to Nakatsugawa. From Nakatsugawa it is a short bus ride to Magome (cost not included). Enjoy some free time in Magome before checking into your overnight accommodations. After breakfast the next morning, you drop off your overnight bags at the Tourist Information Center and they will deliver the bags by 1 pm to the Tourist Information Center in Tsumago (cost not included). Once your bags are dropped off you can begin your hike along the route of the old Nakasendo highway from Magome to Tsumago (8km or 5 miles). You can choose to take the bus to Tsumago or there is another bus available from the halfway point of the walk to Tsumago (buses are not included). Once you arrive in Tsumago you will have some free time before checking into your overnight accommodations. After breakfast, travel to the Tsumago bus stop and travel by bus (not included), local train, express train and Shinkansen to Tokyo. We will provide a detailed self guided itinerary.  We will arrange your train tickets but the local busses can not be prepaid and there will be around $10 – $15 USD per person out of pocket.

Magome Tsumago Map
Sights in Magome and Tsumago

Honjin/Toson Memorial Museum

The Honjin was the principal inn of a post town. Toson’s father was the last person to oversee Magome’s Honjin, and Toson himself was born there. Today, it serves as a memorial to the artist.

Wakihonjin Museum

The Wakihonjin was the secondary inn of a post town. This small museum is located where Magome’s former Wakihonjin once stood. Inside there are displays pertaining to Magome’s history as a Nakasendo post town.

Tsuchimaya Shiryokan

On the second floor, above a souvenir shop and restaurant, this small museum also focuses on Toson and has on display items of his family and the early Meiji Period.

Shimizuya Shiryokan

A small museum that features hanging scrolls, pottery, clothing, and other goods that articles that belonged to residents of Magome.

Kotoku Temple

Kotoku Temple (Kotokuji) is a Buddhist temple which is believed to have been built in 1500. It is not particularly remarkable, but still quite pleasant.

Castle Grounds

Tsumago Castle was demolished hundreds of years ago, but the site of its ruins affords an exceptional view onto the city below. The former castle site is located on a hill about a kilometer north of Tsumago’s main street.

Magome and Tsumago Photo Gallery


Travel Time: 3 Hours

With JR Rail Pass: $350.00 per person based on double occupancy

Without JR Rail Pass: $350.00 per person based on double occupancy

Single Supplement: $350.00


  • Train tickets from Kyoto to Nagoya, Nagoya to Nakatsugawa, Nagiso to Nagoya, Nagoya to Kyoto (If not using a rail pass, we will pre-purchase the tickets.)

  • Suggested train schedule

  • Detailed itinerary and directions

  • Overnight at the Iroribata Ryokan (Japanese style room), or similar, with breakfast and dinner included

  • Overnight at the Matsushiroya Ryokan (Japanese style room), or similar, with breakfast and dinner included

Not Included

  • JR Rail Pass

  • Baggage Transfer Fees

  • Bus Tickets