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Gurit Lotan

Best of Japan Your Way
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I took the Fully Escorted tour of Best of Japan (which was supposed to begin on the July 16th). I am still under the influence of the whole trip - Japan itself and the way the tour was conceived and executed. I keep telling people that the trip reflected the passion that you have for Japan. It shows and is expressed by the care you take to choose destinations, travel mode, food experiences and your choice of guides. I also appreciated that they were willing to share information about how 'real' life is in Japan. People who know me say to me: "You have travelled a lot, so when you say it was PERFECT, we know you mean it". What else is there to say?Congratulations to you! You are welcome to use my comments to promote this tour and your company. Gurit
From Mike's 'warning' about the small places in Japan, I was taken aback about how spacious they were (except in Kyoto - which was still very fine). I know that others also felt the same way. The ryokan in Takayama was out of the ordinary. When in Japan - do like the Japanese: I enjoyed the sleeping style - it did wonders for my back! (Now I am looking for someone to make me a tatami bed at home! Seriously!)
I can't say enough positive about the choices made for the itinerary. I really wanted to get a sense of Japan, and so the varied itinerary was very welcome. Going to the mountains and the island was very special. I know Osaka is a busy city and probably many people want to visit, but it is one place I would not have been unhappy not to visit.
Japanese food is very different, even though I do eat meat. Therefore, I did not like all the dishes. This does not depend on the tour. I did choose Japanese breakfast most of the time - simply because I was in Japan. That being said, I was awed by the dinners that were served to us - it was a very special experience. I also liked that some lunches were chosen in special restaurants.
Amazing! So knowledgeable. English extremely good. Very personable and HELPFUL! Go completely out of the way to assist and enrich our experience. Kudos to Charlie and Tammy! Really. Please share with them.
Pre-Tour Handbook
My travel agent could not believe at the literature you sent, Mike. She was totally overwhelmed. I don't think she ever saw anything like that. The only other time that I had such an experience was when I went with Untours to Switzerland. It was all there, and extremely well organized and specific. Very helpful.
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