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Ying C.

Best of Kyoto and Beyond
July 3, 2016 - November 30, -0001
Really feel like it was great value for the price and got the local experience that I was looking for!
Really appreciated the combination of major landmarks but also unique places - especially for lunch (the Buddhist zen cuisine and the special udon place) that one would never have gotten in standard, more traditional type of tours. You guys have done an amazing job finding tour guides and places that gave us a rich local experience.
Really loved the amazing customer service at the hotel (Tonzankaku). Unfortunately, the hotel was in desperate need of an update and the facilities was challenging where the western rooms had regular beds but traditional tatami sitting room that made it hard for people with knee troubles.
For the most part, the food was amazing! Really liked the variation and the entertainment value.
The guides were very knowledgeable for the most part and really great at managing the trips to the various landmarks in a way that made even the busiest parks bearable to visit by having us take breaks, gave us candy, took us to their favorite secret spots (Ken!) to feed koi at the deer park! Would have given a 5 if the guides were better at ensuring we are not lost. There were a couple of times where our guide got way ahead of us and we didn't know where he was.
Pre-Tour Handbook
Really detailed and extremely helpful advice. Really made the entire experience dummy proof and transparent.
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