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Best of Kyoto and Beyond
October 29, 2017 - November 30, -0001
Great - we had an amazing time, and I think this was in no small part down to the design and delivery of the tour itinerary. Thank you.
Felt we got to see a lot, and everything we experienced contributed something slightly different to the holiday so we didn't ever feel things got 'samey'. Certainly didn't feel we had missed out on anything.
Beautiful place. Lovely situation - close to transport, shops etc but in a relatively quiet spot. Loved being able to hear the temple bell sound every morning.
We ate lovely food, but would have preferred an element of choice. We got taken to some lovely restaurants and other people were eating great food. On one day of our tour it was very warm, and we had katsu curry pre-ordered for us. Another day we got taken for italian food - if you are from the UK or US this is far from being a novelty!
Very good. We had two as our main guide was on holiday on the first day. Both very knowledgeable, interesting and well-organised. One of them was perhaps more engaged with the group than the other.
Pre-Tour Handbook
Very good. Not overwhelmed with info - just enough, when we needed it.
Tour Organization
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