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Jeffrey Orion Bukamier

Best of Japan Economy
July 18, 2019 - July 30, 2019
Thank you for your comments on our tours! We do take them into account when planning tours in the future. We're glad you enjoyed your trip, and we hope to see you again in Japan!~ Samurai Tours Staff
Sleeping on futons on the floor was a little bit difficult for me as I have an artificial hip and an artificial knee which limits my mobility si it is hard to get up from such a low position.
Lily and Amy were both very good! Masa, at Hiroshima, was exceptional.
Pre-Tour Handbook
I like the presentation that ExPat Explore Tours does wherein a small brochure is printed and given to each traveler at the beginning of the tour which can be kept in my pocket while touring for reference PLUS the hotel sites for each night which really helps if one becomes separated from the group.
Tour Organization
Tour Transportation

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