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Best of Japan
October 6, 2019 - October 20, 2019
Company did very well in handling the situation with the typhoon. We were booked into a nice ryokan for an extra night, and were able to get transportation to the next city the day after.__________________________________________Thank you for your comments and suggestions on our tour. We do take these into account when we are planning tours in the future. We're so happy you had a good time, despite the bad weather! We hope to see you again in Japan!~ Samurai Tours Staff
Most of the tour was great. Suggestions: I would have liked to have experienced a festival on the tour. When we arrived in Takayama, we were told we missed their festival by 2 hours. We had stopped in Nagoya on the way to Takayama and visited a museum (which was just ok). Would have preferred to get to Takayama earlier for the festival. Also, after the Samurai tour ended, we spent an extra 2 nights in Osaka with a friend as our guide. We found the Osaka history museum and Osaka castle museum very interesting. An extra day in Osaka as part of the tour would have been good. The Tokyo tour was ok. The Ginza was not impressive. Maybe a visit to Shibuya and the busy crossing would have been better.
The ryokans were a nice experience. However, at our first ryokan, the futon was really thin and uncomfortable. The futons in the next ryokans were better.
The meals were delicious, especially the dishes served at our ryokans.
All the guides were helpful, very informative, and easy to understand.
Pre-Tour Handbook
I liked all the helpful cultural information that was provided by Samurai tours. However, I would have liked to have received a small booklet that included important info for the tour - daily activities description and schedule, hotel addresses and phone numbers, etc. We received a booklet for an Overseas Adventure Tour (OAT) tour. I carried that booklet with me and referred to it often. It was very helpful.
Tour Organization
I found Samurai tour staff to be very helpful.
Tour Transportation
Maybe this is not possible, but it would have been nice if we didn\'t spend so much time on a train the first day of our tour in Tokyo. Felt like we spent so much of the day underground.

Would you go on another tour operating by Samurai Tours: Yes!

Would you recommend Samurai Tours to friends or family: Yes!