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Wayne Tanaka

Best of Japan
October 29, 2023 - November 12, 2023
Great tour, had a wonderful time.
Aggressive schedule, but worth the effort.
Excellent, especially the accomodation in Miyajima. Wonderful food there and we had the place to ourselves.
Was good overall, but like anything got tiring towards the end. A bit cheesey that in Hakone we were told that we could not order anything over 2000 yen, even if we paid for it ourselves. Similar restriction in Kyoto at lunch. Farewell dinner in Kyoto held in a nice restaurant but we were in a room back of the service area, noisy, etc. Service there was also slow.
Generally good. Some better than others, JJ and Ken in particular.
Pre-Tour Handbook
Tour Organization
Use of different guides was a challenge in that guides did not get a chance to know the group and know what speed to walk, etc.
Tour Transportation
Usually smooth, however, transport in Hakone was not good in that there were no seats and we had to stand all the way in the funicular, train, etc. Could have used a small bus. Also walk to accomodations was long and uphill slepping bags. Could have used a cab.

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