Tour Listings

Grand Tours

Our “Grand Tours” are perfect for someone who is looking for a well-rounded introduction to Japan. We offer something for everyone on these tours.

Best of Japan (15 Days/14 Nights)

With the perfect mix of new and old, this well-rounded tour has something for everyone, as well as being our most popular tour.

Best of Japan in 22 Days (22 Days/21 Nights)

If you don’t want to miss anything in Japan, then this is the tour for you. From Sapporo to Nagasaki, you will enjoy the best Japan has to offer.

Best of Japan Economy (13 Days/12 Nights)

While including many of the things first-time visitors to Japan should see and experience, this tour is easier on the wallet and not quite as immersive.


Regional Favorites

These tours are perfect for the visitor looking for the quieter, less-traveled side of Japan, or for the person who wants to concentrate on a specific area of Japan.

Best of Japan Alps (14 Days/13 Nights)

Soaring mountain peaks, open-air hot springs, lush forests, quaint mountain villages and a slow pace make this central alpine area a great escape.

Hokkaido Rail and Drive (15 Days/14 Nights)

Hokkaido, with its excellent food, beautiful scenery and calming onsens has become a popular vacation destination among the Japanese. On this tour, we slow down the pace so you can enjoy every moment.

Shikoku and Kyushu Rail and Drive (15 Days/14 Nights)

With its mild climate, tranquil gardens, famous hot springs, active volcanoes, historic castles, beautiful countryside and warm-hearted people, this part of Japan offers a dramatic experience that will create travel memories for a lifetime.

Tohoku Rail and Drive (15 Days/14 Nights)

Tohoku may share the main island of Honshu, but Tohoku is a world apart from the crowded and busy south. The mountain villages are more remote, the forests more untamed, the traditional onsens more secluded and the people friendlier. And yet, Samurai history lives on in the well-preserved homes and warehouses in Kakunodate, and in Aizu Wakamatsu, a castle town with a long Samurai tradition.

City Tours

These tours are designed for those who wish to concentrate on a specific city or cities.

Best of Kyoto and Beyond (8 Days/7 Nights)

Steeped in history and tradition, Kyoto has in many ways been the cradle of Japanese culture. A stroll through Kyoto today is a walk through 11 centuries of Japanese history.

Best of Tokyo and Beyond (8 Days/7 Nights)

To the uninitiated, Tokyo may seem like a whirlwind of people and traffic. Yet, behind the ordered chaos lie remnants of a very different past.

Best of Tokyo and Kyoto Tour (12 Days/11 Nights)

Follow in the footsteps of feudal lords and Samurai along the route of the ancient Tokaido Highway which once connected these two great cities.


Themed Itineraries

Kumano Kodo Highlights (7 Days/6 Nights)

Kumano has long been considered the heart and soul of Japanese spirituality, and has been blessed with a rich and cultural and natural heritage, friendly locals, soothing hot springs and delicious cuisine. It is the perfect destination for those people searching for an active, off-the-beaten-path, culturally immersive Japanese experience.

Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Experience (10 Days/9 Nights)

Join us as we trek for 5 days (38.2 miles/61.8 km) along the Nakahechi Pilgrimage Trail through beautiful forests, rural villages, past ancient sites of religious worship and rituals and enjoy some of the best hospitality and food from the small minshuku and ryokan along the Nakahechi, as well as some of Japan’s best onsens.

Winter Wonderland (15 Days/14 Nights)

The weather outside may be frightful, but touring Japan in winter is delightful. After you see how beautiful Japan is blanketed in snow, you’ll be saying “Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

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Note: The travel environment in Japan is constantly changing. Samurai Tours reserves the right to modify itineraries to take advantage of these changes.