Kyoto Hiking Tours

Kyoto is blessed with an abundance of ancient temples and shrines, narrow cobblestone lanes lined with quaint, old-fashioned traditional homes and shops and geiko (geisha) and maiko rushing to their parties. One can easily make the argument that Kyoto is the cultural capital of Japan. What most people don’t know about Kyoto is there are also many trails winding through the surrounding mountains. These trails are often used by the locals to escape the modern, urban sprawl of Kyoto. But, in addition to nature, these trails also lead to some of Kyoto’s best sights, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  
These tours are a unique combination of Japanese history and culture, Japanese nature and rural, agricultural countrysides. We have defined many different itineraries, each one with their own, unique combination of the outdoors and history. If you enjoy hiking in the outdoors as we do, and Japanese history and culture as we do, we hope you will take the time to review these itineraries to find the one that is of most interest to you and join us during your time in Kyoto. 
Here are the steps to reserving a tour:
  2. Send an email to with your date and itinerary request. 
  3. We will respond within 48 hours to confirm the tour, or to inform you that itinerary is not available on that date. 
  4. If your itinerary choice is not available, we will inform you of other tours operating that day. 
  5. You can decide to join one of those tours, or try another day. 
After the tour date and itinerary has been confirmed by Samurai Tours, we will inform you of the meeting time and place. A 2,500 Yen per person non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your spot on the tour. The remainder of the payment will be due 1 week prior to the start of the tour. These payments can be made by credit card through our web site. 
What These Tours Are
These tours are hikes using everything from paved streets to dirt mountain trails. Some itineraries are more difficult than others, but all of them are physically active tours, and should only be considered by those people are physically able to participate. And only those who are prepared for outdoor activities in an outdoor environment on natural trails, and those prepared for the quick unpredictable weather changes that will occur should consider these tours. Some sections of the trails can be steep with rock outcroppings and tree roots.