About Japan

Irasshaimase!!* Welcome to Samurai Tours!! Japan has something for everyone, whatever your interests. Tranquil mountain top temples and shrines, large neon-lit cities buzzing with an energy that will sweep you away, soothing hot spring baths, idyllic gardens, speeding bullet trains, soaring mountain peaks, welcoming, friendly, helpful people, and of course, the fantastic food.

If you would like to learn more about Japan, we invite you to spend some time in this section of our web site. You will find out information about ryokans (Japanese-style accommodations), Japanese etiquette, Japanese weather and tips from our extensive Japan travel experience on how to prepare for your upcoming Japan tour.

*Irasshaimase means Welcome. Customers entering stores, restaurants or other places of business all over Japan are met with enthusiastic cries of Irasshaimase!!