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Status From Japan

Status from Japan

Current Status (January 25)

VACCINATIONS (percentages are of total population)

80.6% – Percentage receiving one dose

79.2% – Percentage Fully Vaccinated


  • The government announced the stricter entry restrictions will continue until the end of February. It will be reassessed at that time. No one but Japanese citizens and foreign residents are allowed to enter Japan at this time. Depending on their point of origin, they may have to quarantine at a government-designated location for 3 to 6 days before being allowed to finish their 10 days of total quarantine at home.
  • The Japanese government has eased the restrictions of who will have to quarantine and for how long if someone tests positive on the airplane.
  • Japan will accept foreign students starting in February. These will be government-sponsored students. There will be only 87 students accepted in February.
  • The government has issued a quasi-state of emergency for 34 prefectures. This state of emergency limits the hours of alcohol sales at restaurants and bars.
  • The government has released a smartphone app that will be used for proof of vaccinations. This app can be used by Japanese citizens and foreign residents for domestic and international travel. This app will be accepted in 76 countries.
  • Japan has arranged to purchase the new Merck oral COVID drug. The first shipments will be arriving before the end of the year.
  • Booster vaccinations have started. The original length of time suggested after the second vaccination for the booster was shortened by one month.
  • The government is still recommending the use of masks.
  • Japan now has the highest fully-vaccinated rate of the G7 countries.
  • The CDC has raised the risk level of Japan to a Level 3.
  • International tourists are still not allowed entry to Japan. There has been no indication from the Japanese government when this may be changed.